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Some of This Weeks new Comics.

We’ll start with DC who have a lot of good stuff out today!

First up is Jeff Lemire’s initial piece for Justice League Dark.I’m loving what Lemire is doing on Animal Man & Frankenstein:Agent of S.H.A.D.E & I’m pretty obsessed with all things Constantine so definitely a thumbs up for this one!

Justice League Dark #9• Featuring JOHN CONSTANTINE, ZATANNA, DEADMAN, BLACK ORCHID and more!• Constantine and the team must steal a map to the source of all magic out of the clutches of FELIX FAUST! • The first of a four-part story that will have lasting implications for the entire DC Universe,written by Jeff Lemire art by Mikel Janin.

The second offering from DC is All Star Western.You can’t fault Gray & Palmiotti’s DCU Westerns & this is interesting look at what The Court of Owls were up to in Ye Olde Times.

All Star Western #9 • A tie-in to “NIGHT OF THE OWLS!”• Concluding JONAH HEX’S battle with THE AUGUST 7!• Discover what the Court of Owls was up to in GOTHAM CITY circa 1880!• NIGHTHAWK and CINNAMON hunt down killers and fall in love in this issue’s backup story.By Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti,art by Moritat,Patrick Sherberger & Dan Lee.

First from Marvel is Amazing Spider-Man and we are nearly at the end of the Ends of the Earth story line.

Amazing Spider-man #686.• In this perilously penultimate issue of “Ends of the Earth” Inferno: Earth rages!

• We promised the End of the Earth… and this is it, Jocko!

• Guest staring: a doomed planet.

Written by Dan Slott,art by Stafano Castelli

On DC’s Vertigo Imprint I kinda recommend The Unwritten.I say kinda because a)you should already be reading it & b)I admit to always being disappointed by Peter Gross’ art.Mike Carey is always brilliant but why does he collaborate with Peter Gross?It’s only my opinion & I still strongly recommend anything by Carey.

The Unwritten #37 part 1 of “The Wound”:A year after The War of Words and nearly unbearable tragedy and loss, Tom Taylor’s life is finally coming together. But the real world and fictional world are both in turmoil, and the damage seems to be spreading. Before he can hope to heal it, Tom will need to find “The Wound,” part 1 of 4. It’s the start of a brand-new storyline in a psychologically postapocalyptic world disconnected from the power of Leviathan and the manipulation of the Cabal. Fiction is up for grabs and Tom Taylor stands at the center of that battle!

Digital this week is a bit boring,Can I,however,recommend Dancer.This Image comic is going into it’s second printing for #1 so rather than wait for the reprint of that issue in June,get it on digital now then buy #3 in print this week.

Dancer #1-3 on Comixology & Image apps.

I'm the Editor in chief of a geek art site called The Day The Web Stood Stupid this is my tumblr about comic and sometimes animation art!! Currently freelance & in need of permanent employment, consider a donation. Thank you.

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