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Supervillain High School Yearbook 

Loki, Sinestro, Venom and Green Goblin as awkward teenagers in their High School Yearbook by J Hause // behance // website

Don’t Look Up!
Spider-Man and Venom by Dan Luvisi.

Don’t Look Up!

Spider-Man and Venom by Dan Luvisi.

Baby Venom and Spider-Puppet-Potato mini Marvels by Rafa Garres.

On sale at Think Geek now is this cool Venom hoodie with mesh eyes.You too can thwipp around the house pretending to be Flash Thompson whilst on some covert government job as the symbiote spider.

In black and…er.. black,this hoodie costs $48.99

I'm the Editor in chief of a geek art site called The Day The Web Stood Stupid this is my tumblr about comic and sometimes animation art!! Currently freelance & in need of permanent employment, consider a donation. Thank you.

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