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Jae Lee’s art for tomorrow’s Batman/Superman #1 looks amazing!This has always been an epic team up but this is the first time the two have been officially paired since the inception of the New 52:

Batman/Superman #1

A new epic begins with the debut of this new, ongoing series! Don’t miss the first fateful meeting of Batman and Superman in The New 52! 

Written by: Greg Pak

Drawn by: Jae Lee

And look out for the stunning variant covers by Kenneth Rocafort and Guillem March.

On Sale tomorrow!

The second issue of Avatar Press’ new comic Uber is out on Wednesday and as you can see it features a whole host of Tommy-tearing-Nazi-super-solider-action variant covers!

If you can’t wait until tomorrow for a look at the drama,here’s a preview!

Uber #2

Written by: Kieron Gillen

Art by: Canaan White

Covers by: Canaan White and Michael DiPascale

Only two more issue to go and KaBoom will call time on the gender-bent world of Fionna & Cake,I hope you all remember that it was only ever meant as a mini-series so you should cherish this slice of Natasha Allegri goodness whilst it’s around!

In this Wednesday’s Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake our heroine finds out more of the mysterious flame boy’s background and I think Gumball looks a little jealous,don’t you?

Adventure Time With Fionna & Cake #4

THE FAN-FAVORITE ADVENTURE TIME SERIES CONTINUES! The Flame Boy rescued by Fionna and Cake has a secret…Will returning him to his fire lion pride finally reveal it?

Written & Drawn by:Natasha Allegri

Out on Wednesday 10th.

Here’s two pages of Chris Schweizer’s back-up story for tomorrow’s Adventure Time #14,called the Princess of Rad Hats.Finn,is now burdened with being the Princess of the title and we all know whay happens to Princesses in Ooo,the Ice King happens,that’s what!If you want a preview of the main story,visit my site!

Adventure Time #14

FINAL ISSUE OF THE ARC! Finn and Jake are trapped inside a digital world…who can rescue the heroes? Find out in the latest installment of “the best comic of 2012!” An all-ages sensation!
Written by:Ryan North

Art By:Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb

Back Up story by: Chris Schweizer

Preview of this Wednesday’s Adventure Time #12 back-up story written by Alexis Fredrich Frost and drawn by Andrew Arnold.The covers are by,from top, cover A by Chris Houghton,cover B by Zachary Sterling,cover C by Lilli Carre and cover D David King.Catch a preview of the main  comic here.

Adventure Time #12


BMO’s sick, but it’s not just any virus - it’s a magical virus! And now, Finn and Jake have to seek out a sorta-no-good-very-bad wizard to set things right!

Written By:Ryan North

Drawn By:Shelli Paroline

Back up By:Alexis Frederick-Frost & Andrew Arnold

Sneak peek at Ed McGuiness' art for Nova #1 due out next month,and the second issue,due out in March.

Nova #1

You met Sam Alexander, the all-new Nova, in the pages of last year’s blockbuster hit AVENGERS VS. X-MEN—but what is his secret origin? How is he connected to the Guardians of the Galaxy? And just why is Sam the only one worthy to carry on the legacy of the Nova Corps? These answers reveal shocking secrets about the Marvel Universe and help set the stage for the biggest comic book event of the year!

Out 20th Feb

Nova #2

After coming face-to-face with a strange, green skinned alien and talking raccoon from a super hero team calling themselves the “Guardians of the Galaxy,” Sam Alexander now has more questions about his heritage than ever before. Who was his father? What is the mysterious helmet he holds? And who in the blue blazes were the Nova Corps? The birth of the most exciting new super hero of 2013 continues here!

Written by JEPH LOEB 
Art and Cover by ED MCGUINNESS 
 On-Sale- 3/20/13

If you want more Nova previews go here.

On January 16th everyone’s favourite Canadian furball,wolverine,finds himself in the mutant backwater that is the Savage Land.Why?How?And “Can I get the fuck out of here?” are all questions Logan must face before he can get back to his students.

You can read the first part of an interview with series artist Frank Cho at but first take a look at these preview pages and Cho’s cover for the first issue along with this never before seen Mile High Comics variant cover by J Scott Campbell.

Savage Wolverine #1

Wolverine awakens to find himself in the Savage Land and labeled public enemy number one! With no memory of how he got there and Shanna the She-Devil his only ally, Logan must unravel the mystery of the Savage Land before it kills him!

Written by:Frank Cho

Art by:Frank Cho

Out on Jan 16th

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