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In April’s #7 writer  Joey Comeau and artist Mike Holmes continue the beauty pageant story arc begun in issue #5 of KaBoom’s Bravest Warriors.To mirror the story inside all of issue seven’s covers are of course very stylin’ showing each of the team in very fashionable poses.The covers are by(from top right)cover A Tyson Hesse,cover B Nick Edwards,cover C  Jake Lawrence and cover D  Logan Faerber.

Bravest Warriors #7

THE MOST OUTRAGOUS ALL-AGES SERIES ON THE STANDS! While other contestants are twirling flags, Plum and Beth are kicking butt and taking names at an alien beauty pageant! Don’t miss the third piece of the connecting Nick Edwards B cover set!

Written By:Joey Comeau

Art By:Mike Holmes

In stores April 2013.

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I'm the Editor in chief of a geek art site called The Day The Web Stood Stupid this is my tumblr about comic and sometimes animation art!! Currently freelance & in need of permanent employment, consider a donation. Thank you.

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