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The March issue of Adventure Time in covers!From right,cover A by Mike Holmes,cover B by Jason Ho,cover C by Liz Prince and cover D by Ming Doyle.

Adventure Time #14

FINAL ISSUE OF THE ARC! Finn and Jake are trapped inside a digital world…who can rescue the heroes? Find out in the latest installment of “the best comic of 2012!” An all-ages sensation!
Written by:Ryan North

Art By:Shelli Paroline

Back up story by:Braden Lamb

Out in March 2013.

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    i need that cover blown up and put all over my apartment melissa! brad! turtle princess! yessss.
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    Whoa Adventure Time loves Boston artists…….. *slowly raises hand*
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    Liz did the photoshoot cover? THAT’S MY FAVOURITE Who doesn’t like Lumpy Space Princess being a photobomb?
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    Adventure Time and Liz Prince. Two awesome things that go awesome together!
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    oh boy, my cover has been announced! Also a variant on the same issue as my neighbor Ming Doyle!
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