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Comic Art appreciation day has come round again & I’ll start with Comic Book Resource’s ”The Line It Is Drawn",as usual.

I say with a heavy heart that this week I was less than impressed only because the theme this week is Comic characters & Community.Huh.Now being British I have no clue about Community.It’s not on here(as far as I know)so I can’t even feign an interest(we don’t get Parks & Recreation either & that I would like to see!).

I’ve chosen the pictures her based solely on artistic merit.:(

Top Starburns as the Silver Surfer by Chaz Folger.

Bottom Annie and Britta as Batman and Robin by Alex Medellin.

Don’t forget:I’m having a no-prize Hit Girl comp here & on the shared site so submit,submit,submit.I’m also starting to do art round up’s over at the other site so any submissions would be awesome.You can join Logan Faerber when the round up goes live tomorrow!

Submit:Put them in my submissions box or tweet me @comicbookgirl_ or @webstoodstupid.

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I'm the Editor in chief of a geek art site called The Day The Web Stood Stupid this is my tumblr about comic and sometimes animation art!! Currently freelance & in need of permanent employment, consider a donation. Thank you.

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