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Alan Scott of Earth 2,DC’s Gay Character?

As this quite frankly bizarre obsession with who DC’s “established” gay character will be continues to rage,Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool has decided to “call it” as original Green Lantern,Alan Scott.

Alan Scott has so far only made a brief appearance in the New 52,in the first issue of Earth 2,so you have to wonder why him?Also,will anyone care?

This isn’t confirmed by DC, it’s just speculation,but Rich Johnston feels pretty confident:

A few days ago, I ran semi-sourced stories indicating that the character who DC Comics announced as being reintroduced to the New 52 DC Universe as a gay man, was Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, who appeared in Earth 2 #1 briefly,

Well, at Phoenix Comic Con, I had a much stronger source confirm to me that, yes, it is indeed Alan Scott. On that basis I feel confident in calling it. Keep your Earth 2#1 in good nick, and start queuing up for Earth 2 #2… right about now.”

I’m having a hard time giving a shit about all this.Whilst I think that the introduction of LGBT characters into any comics Universe can only be a positive move,I don’t get why various media keep on talking about it.All this guessing is,I suppose just a bit of harmless fun,but I feel that gay,straight,black,white,radically overhauled or not;I just want my heroes to be well written & obviously,heroic.

I’m going to stop reading these articles about Gay characters & read the damn comics instead.As for whether or not Alan Scott is gay,I’m happy to actually wait & see,no further speculation on the matter is required,thank you.

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