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One of my favourite comic book series(that I never hear anyone else mention)is Crimson.I have no idea why i picked it up;but I do know that as soon as I did I was completely smitten.

A year before Lucifer and thirteen years before Twighlight,Crimson see’s Brian Augustyn & Humberto Ramos get theological on vampirism’ ass.

Published initially in 1998;Crimson’s first series:Loyalty & Loss was from Cliffhanger.The 3 following series:Heaven & Earth,Earth Angel & Redemption,also from Cliffhanger,were reprinted by Wildstorm until 2001.

The title was my first introduction to Humberto Ramos’ elaborate street style.I have yet to see anything by Humberto Ramos that made me go ‘meh’.Although Ramos gained popularity with his work on Impulse in 1994,I feel he really defined his style with Crimson.Brian Augustyn & Humberto Ramos produced a second series for Cliffhanger,although this comic came to an abrupt end when the artist(possibly)fell out with his publishers.

If you like the idea of a newly vampirised teen & his supernatural friends battling shadowy arcane organisations whilst searching heavens host for answers and you like Humberto Ramos;you should like Crimson.

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